Maybe don’t expect a thank you note—and the new rules of hiring

"There is a power shift happening whereby there is a battle for talent and the need to invest in talent development. COVID has forced us to reflect on and redesign the way we look at human capital management, recognizing it as humans first."

The battle for talent: Workers have an edge over employers as the pandemic wanes

"By default, organizations are always about scale and numbers, not human capital as humans first. ...The way I look at it: 'Here are these great people who built this great product who built this great company."

CEO Hana Hassan refuses to be ignored

"I build, drive and make change as well as celebrate all humans, everyday, in an industry not designed for us, but rather that’s adjusting to us.

Thankfully, though, I am one of many—and the industry is starting to notice."

Sick of being ghosted, the young and jobless are fighting back

"By this, Hassan means the role of new hires should not be to fit in but to augment, challenge and improve the workplace. "

Women Techmakers' and Google for Startup's newest podcast: Founded. 

Last year, Google’s  Women Techmakers launched “Founded,” a podcast celebrating the real, honest stories of women leaders in the tech industry and their journeys to entrepreneurship. Now, we’re back with a second season that will follow six women in tech with a common goal: to build a successful business. 


We’ll hear from women like Hana Hassan, who’s working to diversify tech companies’ hiring practices.