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Welcome to The Dope'rah & Friends Podcast, a celebration of friendship in this beautiful thing we call life! 
Join us for light-hearted & thought-provoking conversations about their journeys and passions.


On this special episode of friendship my family & I discuss hot topics, such as the importance of cleaning your chicken, the fashion powerhouse that is Walmart and every hot mess in between.


On this episode of friendship Lena unpacks being Black in tech, the importance of equity and community; and how BWOSS & Jingle Jangle put everything into perspective for her.

On this episode of friendship Sincere aka Ahmed Ali, shares the meaning behind the timeless pieces from the House of Ahmed Ali and how he started his empire from the trunk!

On this episode of friendship I’ve got my dear friend Koren. We’ll discuss a year+ of new learnings while navigating white spaces and how we’re pretty sure we’re living in area 51 (cause we work in Tech).

On this episode of Friendship, I've got my soul sister Kari. Who shows us how her healing journey has impacted the various arenas she participates in and how she has transformed trauma into a Super Power. She helps Survivors of Human Trafficking learn about the Cloud & break into Tech.

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