A Not-for-profit on a mission to help Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour start, grow and succeed in sales. With members located in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, BWOSS provides access to sales development resources and partnerships, career development support and employment opportunities, in a supportive and vibrant community!

The Designers Table

A series of micro-meetups that brings designers together to talk about the career side of design. The small group format helps promote meaningful conversations and relationships. Participants can talk openly and provide support to each other to better navigate their careers.

Women Techmakers

Google's Women Techmakers program provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology to drive innovation and participation in the field.  


Job hunting sucks! …

Together, we’re making it suck less.

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UCandu Community, and the

UCandu Web-app

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When you join a Google Developer Group, you'll have the opportunity to meet local developers with similar interests in technology. A GDG can take many forms — from just a few people getting together to watch our latest video, to large gatherings with demos and lectures, to events like code sprints and hackathons.